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Ailon Free Collection

Ailon Free Collection

London, England, UK
Ailon is an artist, yoga teacher and comedian based in London. He sees his art as a celebration of life, his spiritual journey and the healing power of color. He began painting 30 years ago while living in India and then went on to spend 5 years in Mexico and New York creating and exhibiting his vibrant colorful artwork in numerous group and solo shows.

Always destined to be an accountant or lawyer in his family’s eyes, he sees his art as an antidote to the grayness of life and a rebellion against narrow or restricted visions of how we are supposed to spend our days upon this earth
His strong use of color is a reminder that the ‘music of life’ is always on.
Color is nature’s way of expressing diversity, variety and aliveness and he believes that playing with color can stimulate our own emotional intelligence and well being.

As well as painting and performing, Ailon runs workshops in yoga, clowning, and drumming as well as ‘Art from the Heart’ sessions for those looking to open up their creative potential. He believes that anybody can be creative and sees his own journey as living proof of that.

‘For me, creativity is the ultimate spiritual practice- whether painting, singing, dancing or writing. It is both a way to release ourselves and a method to connect to the bigger storehouse of life energy all around us.’

His website is
Facebook and instagram @ailonfree

'Mexican Butterfly' Print on Canvas by Ailon Free

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'Bluebirds Groovin' Print on Canvas

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'Clown Heart Mandala' Canvas Print by Ailon Free

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'Psychedelic Pollox' Canvas Print by Ailon Free

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'The Actor' Canvas Print by Ailon Free

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'Vibrating ZigZags' Print on Canvas by Ailon Free

From $59.00
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