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Stephanie Nix Collection

Stephanie Nix Collection

Spokane, Washington, USA

Stephanie Nix is owner and founder of MindfulGiftBoxes. Born and raised in California by a mother everyone referred to as a “health nut”, herbal remedies and natural healing was part of Stephanie's upbringing. As a young adult, she married, moved to Germany and started a family. They eventually returned to Eastern Washington where she was lucky enough to practice her art and raise her children at home. Between chauffeuring children to 4-H meetings and sports practices, she ran a small business selling Tole art, as well as teaching classes. At the age of 40 and single with five children, Aromatherapy became a primary tool in her self-care practice. A few years later her daughter introduced her to crystals and she began incorporating them into her daily life and meditation. Naturally, she rushed to her local metaphysical shop and purchased The Crystal Bible, along with her first crystal – a smoky quartz.

Stephanie quickly became fascinated with the healing power of crystals and chakra energy. Research, smudging and meditation have become part of her daily practice. She is currently enrolled in the Crystals Master Class and plans to apply what she learns to assist in her personal self-care and guiding other individuals. In the meantime, what started as gifts for friends and family, she has now created a business selling mediation boxes. Meditation, personal connection, gratitude, purpose, and peace. Her wish is for all to feel the love and care she has poured into her own products, developed in order to share her passion for the Journey. Discovered a new appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us and our beauty within. Blessings from this amazing artist.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation Box

From $26.00

Throat Chakra Meditation Box

From $26.00

Sacral Chakra Meditation Box

From $26.00

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation Box

From $26.00

Heart Chakra Meditation Box

From $26.00

Crown Chakra Meditation Box

From $26.00
Root Chakra Meditation Box - Design Tank

Root Chakra Meditation Box

From $26.00

Chakra Meditation Refill


Couples Massage Box


Couples Hot Stone Massage Box


Moon Phase Box


Healing Herbal Bath Salt Kit


Intiuitive Creations Box Made Only Once by Stephanie Nix


Moon Phase Crystal Storage Box with Glass Lid

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