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Jeanie Brandt Collection

Jeanie Brandt
Maui, Hawaii
United States
Her Story
Jeanie Brandt is an acrylic and mixed media painter. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. After multiple moves throughout the country with her Air Force husband, they moved from Arlington, Virginia to Maui, Hawaii in 2016.

Jeanie has been an artist for over 14 years. Her paintings of abundant flowers, ethereal scenes, abstract as well as doodle designs are all expressed through bright, beautiful colors. Jeanie has stated, “I am a feeling person. The moment I pick up a brush, my feelings about the world flow through my mind and are transferred onto my canvas. It’s a process, the feeling of a moment, a color preparation, a pattern filling the canvas, creating the first layer from that momentary feeling. And then, a second layer emerges, and on and on until the canvas speaks to me and says….I feel that moment too.”

Jeanie pursued a career in interior design after receiving her B.A in Interior Design from the University of Georgia. She is also an alumni of the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program. Jeanie has always been an artistic person and it was natural for her to become a painter.

She has art collectors in California, Virginia and Georgia as well as in Hawaii. Jeanie is currently a member of the Lahaina Arts Society in Maui. Her acrylic and mixed media art is currently exhibited in the Banyan Tree Gallery in Lahaina, Hawaii.