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Laly Mille Collection

Laly Mille
Laly Mille
Loire Valley
Laly Mille

Her Story

Laly Mille is a mixed media artist and online creative guide. From her home studio in the Loire Valley of France, she makes art that soothes the soul and makes the heart sing.

As a child, imagination and creativity were her sanctuary. She loved to create stories and make things with her hands. But she had learned that art would always be "just a hobby", never a priority. And at that turning point when you become a young adult and have to make big decisions that will shape your future life, she put her creativity aside.

Many years later, disillusioned by a career path that led her nowhere, and adjusting to the journey of motherhood with two little ones who beautifully changed her world but kept her up most nights, frustration and exhaustion broke her heart open. Art rushed back through every crack.

She discovered mixed media and started painting on her kitchen table with newfound freedom and joy. She embraced the beginner's spirit and experimented with anything that resonated with her soul. It felt like being born again.

Since then, she has kept growing her artist wings, walking this magical path with wonder, and sharing the gifts of inspiration with like-minded souls all over the world.

Today she finds joy and a sense of true purpose in guiding others on their own journeys, nurturing their creative longings through beautiful online classes and bringing them together as a community.

When she’s away from the studio or her online classroom, you will usually find her in the garden with her little family: her husband William, their two children, four happy kitties, and hundreds of roses…