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Meet Artist Tracy Lynn Davies

Tracy Lynn Davies
Cornwall Ontario
Born and raised in Canada, Tracy has planted herself in beautiful Cornwall Ontario. She owns Cailuan Gallery & Studios located on the main street of her hometown. She supports artists with classrooms, studio space and gallery shows. She works in acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, ink, encaustic and whatever else she can make a mess with!

Tracy started intuitive painting when she was 10 years old in Northern Ontario and had her first solo show at the young age of 12! And, she's been creating ever since. She loves lots of vibrant colors, drips, splatters and also more refined, precise still life work with inks and watercolor. She is interested in all things art.

Tracy finds that she has many colorful moods as an artist. Some days she will simply throw paint on the canvas and see where that will take her, working the piece until she is satisfied with what has been intuitively born before her. At other times she will painstakingly plan a piece and work to get exactly what she saw in her mind's eye.

Because of Tracy's colorful moods, she has many different bodies of work, styles, color combinations and can work in many mediums.

The sky is the limit and…her sky comes in many colors!