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New Artist Checklist

Only THREE things we need from you to become a Design Tank Artist

1. Artist Statement

Check out the Meet Our Artists menu on the Design Tank website at On the home page, you’ll see it as a drop down menu. People love to “meet” the artist, and they are interested in who you are and what your inspirations are behind your art. A couple of things you might include if you need help with your bio…

Your Location: Where you’re from or where you live or both.
Your Medium: It’s a good idea to make sure you state what medium you work in (acrylic, ink, oil, mixed media, photography, digital, etc)
Your Inspirations: Why are you an artist? What got you started? What excites you? What are your passions?
Your Process: Your process is unique! And art collectors will want to understand how you do what you do. So, briefly describe how you make your masterpieces.
Beyond fulfilling these basic “what, why, and how” requirements, an artist statement can be relayed in whatever tone and sentence structure feels best to you.

2. Artist Photo

The photo(s) you send me don’t have to be professional photos. It can be as easy as a photo taken with your smart phone. You can choose to use a headshot, a photo of you in your art studio, or a photo of you in action creating your art. There’s several places in which I will use a photo of you on the website, so you can just send one or a couple of pictures to choose from.

3. Art Submissions

I need digital copies of your artwork to be used for prints. You have two options for getting me your artwork. One is to go to your local printing shop or an art supply company and have your original art scanned in. The upside is that you will receive a high resolution image from them that is a VERY close reproduction of your original. The downside is you have to pay for it to be scanned. The second option is to take photos of your originals yourself. Which of course is free. Surprisingly, you can get awesome photos of your art with your smart phone as long as it has a good camera. Tips for taking photos:

Take the artwork outside into natural light. This will eliminate any glare.
Find some shade and lay the artwork down flat on the ground
Make sure the entire painting is in the shade and there aren’t any shadows on any part of the painting.
Take several photos of your original from above the painting.
Pick the best one and crop out any background so that only the image of the painting remains.
Lastly, send the image to your app or software that will allow you to resize the image and adjust the pixels.

The formats I need for the digital files are as follows:
JPG or PNG file type
Maximum file size is 50MB
Size 9900 x 8100 px (which is 33x27” at 300 pixels)

The size of the jpg file is important, so that we obtain High Resolution for your art. Currently, the largest size we offer for canvases is 30x24, so your images will be blown up considerably. We need a good quality, high resolution photo to be able to do that. If you do not have the art resources to resize your photos, please contact us for help!

Keep in mind that if you're adding a signature to your digital file, do not put the signature really close to an edge or a corner.  Often times, the image needs to be cropped slightly, so you chance having the signature cropped out if it's too close to an edge.