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Susanne Rose Collection

Susanne Rose

Her Story

She lives in Bavaria together with her family. Her art adventure started many years ago, when she was a teenager. She started painting and experimenting with a lot of different mediums. In the 90s, art was not something she felt she could make a living from, so at that time it was just a hobby. Art was kind of a separate world for her, where she could calm down and escape from her everyday life.

After her kids were born, she started scrapbooking and stamping and combined that with colors and paints. She started drawing her own stamp designs and in 2018, she took over a stamp company from a friend. She was the former owner of Rubber Dance. It was fate. Producing and selling her own Rubber Stamps became her full time job. There she started realizing that a dream came true – she became a full time artist.

She also enjoys sharing her love for art with others. In addition to her YouTube channel, she teaches art classes in her hometown. She loves to share this passion and inspire others to start creating.

When she gets asked to describe her style, she's never sure what to say. She likes so many different kinds of art that she can't go with just one style. It always depends on her mood, if she grabs a paint brush or a pencil, if she plays with watercolors or acrylics... Most of the time she is combining mediums. She loves to work with pencils on top of watercolors or make a collage mixed with acrylic paints. She also often include her own stamp designs in her work.

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