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Set of 8 Wood Engraved Ball Markers for Golfers

Ball Markers

How about some unique wood golf ball markers? Have some for yourself and give some out to your friends and golf partners.  $10 for eight ball markers. Dimensions are 1.5" with .2" depth. Nice and lightweight. 6 Ball marker options in all:

#1 Trash Talkin' Ball Markers: It's in the Hole; Nice Putt Alice; You're still Out; You're a Dick; All lip No hole; You suck; Run Bitch; Shit Fuck

#2 Trash Talkin' Ball Markers: Get in the Hole; Where's the Drink Cart; I'd Tap that; Settle Bitch; Suck It; Fat Ass; Golf Boner; Eat Shit Bitch

#3 Golf Movie Line from Caddyshack and 7 Days in Utopia
Cinderella Story - Caddyshack; Bushwood Country Club - Caddyshack; It's in the Hole - Caddyshack; Be the Ball - Caddyshack; Just Tap it In - Caddyshack; See it. - 7 Days in Utopia; Feel it. - 7 Days in Utopia; Trust it. - 7 Days in Utopia

#4 Golf Movie Line from Happy Gilmore and Sideways: Go to your Home - Happy Gilmore; Doing the Bull Dance - Happy Gilmore; Feelin' the Flow - Happy Gilmore; Workin' it - Happy Gilmore; Somebody's Closer - Happy Gilmore; Find your Happy Place - Happy Gilmore; Tap Tap Taparoo - Happy Gilmore; Oops, look out - Sideways

#5 Golf Lover Ball Markers: Tweet Tweet Tweet; Hit a Small Baby; Birdie Juice; Gimme; Be Good; Never Concede; Don't Give the Hole Away, Slow your Roll

 #6 Golf Lover Ball Markers: Good Good; Swearing Helps; Talk Birdie to Me; Ah Push it; Push it Real Good; Fear None; Putt for Dough; Be Like Tiger

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