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Sacral Chakra Meditation Box


Perfect gift of self care. Each Sacral Chakra box is hand painted in a beautiful orange color, and all items within are crafted with love, with the intention of sharing the artist's experience of positive energy flow. Your Sacral Chakra Box will have Crystals and oil blends specific to the Sacral Chakra. She has carefully chosen crystals which she tumbles in her studio. Artist: Stephanie Nix

Each Sacral Chakra Meditation Box will contain ($39.00):
1. 1 oz. Clearing Room Mist
2. Crystal Essential Oil Roller Ball: Oils--Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose. Roller ball crystals: Carnelian, Brecciated Jasper, Red Aventurine
3. Crystal for your bedside--one is chosen intuitively from these crystals just for you--Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Chrysoprase
4. 3 incense cones and seashell
5. 3 (onetime use) intention tea light candles
6. Palo Santo smudge Stick
7. Mini feather fan
8. Chakra Meditation information Card

Other options for purchase:
Empty Orange Hand Painted Sacral Chakra Box $26
Sacral Chakra Meditation box refill $29
Chakra Meditation Box Set--Get all 7 for 15% off $232.05 (compare to $273.00)
Chakra Meditation Box Subscription--Get one box/month for 10% off $35.10 each (compare to $39.00) and get them all in seven months.
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